Chloe Weaver, bride

"Mari designed our wedding menu in July and truly knocked our socks off throughout the whole process.

We described our dream meal and she curated and nurtured a outstanding menu around it. Mari sources great local product and knows how and where to save money without skimping on quality. She worked with our budget and with our design sense and turned out a properly impressive, gourmet meal.

Mari’s experience speaks for itself when you see her at work.  She is so in control of her kitchen and staff that you can expect outstanding service. From the table settings and dishware, to the staff and their attire, to the meal presentation and impeccable coffee service that wrapped up our night; Mari has her eyes on the details. You can sit back and enjoy the meal you’ve designed with 100% confidence.  

From start to finish, Mari aims to give you what you’ve always dreamt of.  She supports and encourages your ideas, then adds her own flourishes to make it even better.  From large groups of people at a fancy event, to a casual day in the park, Mari’s expertise in catering is unrivaled."


Kate, Turley Wine Cellars

"Turley Wine Cellars was lucky to find Mari Havens to caterer our Annual Growers Luncheon. This is a very special event for us; Mari understood our vision perfectly and her presentation was spot on. Mari was very flexible with the menu and offered us so many wonderful options to choose from to create our ideal lunch. We loved that Mari uses local produce and products.

Mari and her crew were a joy to work with the day of the event. Her staff was so helpful and friendly. They took direction very well and didn’t need to be managed during the event. Also, it was greatly appreciated how much they did to clean up after the event. Not a single napkin or plate left out! We can’t wait to have Mari back at Turley Wine Cellars for another event!"


David & Lola Safer

Mari catered an amazing birthday brunch for 70 people in my Napa garden overlooking a vineyard.  Her years of experience were reflected by how easily she handled the many menu refinements, decorations, various rentals including a 20'x30' tent and staffing.  She responded immediately every time I contacted her and offered great advice on every detail from a fabulous pastry chef to balloons.  My guests raved about how sumptuous the food tasted and loved her staff.  Leftovers were wrapped and tucked into the refrigerator.  The house was spotless when she left.
Mari is a warm person you will enjoy working with whatever the event.


Sarah Mitchell Hansen

Mari is a very talented chef, and her catered events are always flawless!
Mari worked for us as a chef at the Model Bakery in St. Helena for some time, and we were always impressed with her food. Her style is very fresh, and perfect for the Napa Valley culinary scene. She has catered a couple parties for our family at our home in Napa, and my guests were always very impressed with the food. I highly recommend using Mari to cater your next event, I know I will!